Cultural heritage of BTS creation comes from the family. It's based on the good work passion, a spirit of friendliness atmospher, and especially of our permanent will to satisfy you.

Since our creation in 1980, we extended our offer, ever and ever, under the impulsion of an increasingly demand, and especially thanks to our structure integrated in dyeing.

Specialists in the button since our beginnings, today we offer you a line of products covering all your requirements in supplies.

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  We work with the main groups since their birth in the Nineties.

That is why our commercial philosophy is based around four points :

                        Simplicity: a single contact, to ease the exchanges.
                        Sourcing : between 24h and 48h, because fashion can't wait.
                        Service : we centralize all your order.
                        Satisfaction : our engagement, to be useful and smily :-)
More than 150 manufacturers (France, Italy, Spain, Greece) make our network.
This flexibility enables us to meet all your needs and especially to propose to you only the best product for each one of your requests.